Gabrielle’s Heart Camp

Summer vacation… Memories of days in the pool, running the bases, going to camp…

For the parents of a child with a congenital heart defect these activities seem like an impossibility. Who will make sure my son doesn’t overdo it? Will the other kids ask my daughter about her scars? Will they remember to take their medication? How could I possibly let him go further than my arm’s reach?

The mission of Gabrielle’s Heart Camp is to provide an environment where kids with heart disease and congenital heart defects can have fun while learning life skills that will help them navigate the challenges of living with a cardiac condition.  Through participation in stimulating programs with other young people with cardiac disease, participants will appreciate they are not alone in facing these issues, and so become empowered to strive toward their hopes and dreams.  They will learn to become active participants in managing their condition throughout their lifetime, and that their cardiac condition does not define them, but is only one aspect of who they are.  In essence, the camp will be one step to “give them the wings”, for children with heart disease to become uniquely independent and to realize their individual potential.

Knowing Who to Ask is the First Step

Getting the financial support you need

When your child is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, time seems to stop. Plans for the future, even schedules for tomorrow, fall by the wayside. All of your energy is focused on the health of your child in that moment.

Unfortunately, your total focus cannot stave off bills. Small daily costs – parking, co-payments, cafeteria meals – add up quickly. Medical expenses not covered by insurance – co-payments, equipment, medication – arrive in a flood, often before your child has recovered from a procedure.

When you are already asking so much from caregivers, favors from family and friends, it is hard to ask for more. That is why the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund was created, to help keep parents focused on health and healing. Please share your story with us – let us support you in a way we know matters.

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Other Programs for Heart Families

The Heart & Hope Fund has worked with a variety of partners to host recreational and educational programs for our heart and feeding families.

We are very grateful to all of our partners including Whole Foods Market of Cranston, RI, Button Hole Golf Course & Learning Center, Kent County YMCA, and Vitamix.

Whole Foods, Cranston, RI

The Heart & Hope Fund worked with Whole Foods to host a number of heart healthy cooking demonstrations focusing on heart healthy food choices.  The menus were appropriate to the current season – for example:  “Fall into Healthy Eating” and “Summer Grilling & Chilling”.


Button Hole Golf Course, Providence, RI

The Heart & Hope Fund partnered with Button Hole Golf in Providence, RI and offered beginner and intermediate golf instruction and a series of complimentary golf lessons to our heart and feeding children and their siblings.

Kent County YMCA, Warwick RI

The Heart & Hope Fund partnered with the Kent County YMCA in Warwick, RI, to offer a series of seminars offering strategies and tips towards living a healthier life.  Seminar themes included “distressing your life”, “move more”, and “healthy eating”.  The seminars were offered to the entire family