Gabrielle’s Heart & Hope Fund
Knowing Who to Ask is the First Step

For parents with a child with a severe feeding issue, every day feels like a struggle. It is an emotional battle between wanting to nourish your child and knowing that if you push too hard, there will be setbacks in whatever progress has been made. You will try every form of therapy and counseling to encourage your child to take that first bite, to do what everyone tells you a “normal child” would do.

Along with the emotional stress, is the unfortunate financial reality of caring for a child with a severe feeding issue. Many of the medical expenses and therapies are not fully covered by insurance – co-payments, equipment, medication, physical therapy, social worker appointments – placing yet another burden on families.

When you are asking so much from caregivers, favors from family and friends, it is hard to ask for more. That is why Gabrielle’s Heart & Hope Fund was created, to help keep parents focused your child’s health. Please share your story with us – let us support you in a way we know matters.


The Heart & Hope Fund partnered with Vitamix (who offered us a non-profit discount) to provide state-of-the-art blenders to families who have children with feeding tubes and who are on a blended diet.  We have a limited number of blenders to distribute.  Please contact our Office Manager, Darlene Dubois, via phone at 401.270.9851 or via email at, to be considered for receiving a complimentary blender.

Button Hole Golf Course, Providence, RI

The Heart & Hope Fund partnered with Button Hole Golf in Providence, RI and offered beginner and intermediate golf instruction and a series of complimentary golf lessons to our heart and feeding children and their siblings.

The Story of Sam "Strong"


The most natural thing a parent can do is to feed their child.  However, when children have medical challenges, feeding is a stressful and difficult experience.  Sam was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and has undergone 3 major surgeries before the age of 2.  In less than 24 hours after he was born, Sam needed assistance with his lungs and heart until doctors were able to correct the hernia which required Sam to go on an ECMO machine.
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