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Rich Corrente and NICU Check for Camp
Women & Infants Hospital NICU Nurse Staff and Employee who Faced Heart Transplant, Collect Donation for Gabrielle’s Heart Camp

An employee of Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, who underwent heart transplant surgery last fall, turned his own ordeal with heart disease into something positive to help children who have heart defects and face heart related illnesses. Rich Corrrente, who normally works with babies facing serious health threats in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Hospital, found himself facing heart failure in the fall of 2013 and in need of a transplant. Thankfully a donor heart was found, the surgery was successful, and he is now doing great. During the time of his own heart health crisis, fellow employees asked him how they could help. He responded that the best way to help him would be to donate to his favorite charity, Gabrielle’s Heart Camp, which is run by the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund of Rhode Island. Rich had been a counselor at the Camp for two years and wanted to see his colleagues support it. Employees collected donations and a check for $2,135 was presented to Gabrielle’s Heart Camp on April 21.

“We were relieved to see Rich undergo successful heart transplant surgery and get back to good health, and thank him for thinking of our Camp during his own personal health crisis,” says Louise Dinsmore, the Executive Director of the Fund. “We are also deeply grateful to the nurse staff of the NICU, especially Head Nurse Beth Taub, and nurses Carolyn Hinchcliffe, RN, and Kristen O’Mara, RN, who put so much effort into making the donation collection such a success for us. It was a very, very special gesture of donation by all the employees and we are very thankful.” The Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart and Hope Fund provides emotional, recreational, educational, and financial support to children and their families living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, who are impacted by heart disease, congenital heart defects, and severe feeding issues.

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