At the First Annual Heart & Soul Ball, held in 2010, TriBeCa, a local band, provided the entertainment for the event. The members of the band were very inspired by a story, Gabrielle’s mother, Louise told the night of the Ball describing how she asked Gabrielle to send her a sign that she made it to Heaven, just after the doctors told Gabrielle’s parents she wasn’t going to make it. Gabrielle always loved ladybugs and when her mother would style her hair in the morning she would always say “Mommy, the ladybugs are here”…or when they weren’t in the bathroom, she would say “Mommy, where are the ladybugs today”? Well when Gabrielle’s parents returned from the hospital the night she passed away, there was one ladybug in their bathroom!! This was the sign that Gabby made it to Heaven.

When Tribeca heard that story, they decided that they wanted to work with a songwriter to write a song based on Gabrielle’s story. In 2011, “A Kiss From Heaven” was recorded and produced.

Special thanks to Ben Mesiti and Irving Washington for writing a beautiful track. Special thanks to TriBeCa & Friends for recording such a special song.

A Kiss from Heaven